Sunday 24th Jan – Getting Together

Just a reminder that this Sunday is the 4th Sunday in January. It seems even harder than normal to keep track of the days and weeks. Anyway, 4th Sunday means that there is no Central Gathering on FaceBook on Sunday 24th. Join in with your Kairos Community and enjoy being part of what they’re doing. Have fun.

Connect will be having a Forest Church gathering at 3pm. We’re not going to be able to get together at the Pinewoods, but we do still want to enjoy nature and worship God outdoors, and we still want to get together. So as individuals and families we’ll be doing some exploring, wondering, and worshipping. Then we’ll gather on Zoom at 3pm. 
If you want to be part of this please get the worksheet and Zoom code from the Kairos Family Facebook group or get in touch with any member of Connect or Ben or Helen. 

Kindle are hosting an online games night on Saturday 23rd on Zoom at 8pm.  There will be fun, games and quizzes suitable for all ages. 

KFC are running a DIY Bacon Butty Brunch on Sunday at 10:30am on Zoom.  Bring your own sandwich and enjoy catching up with a few people.  

Eat Pray Love have Flexercise on Sunday at 4:30pm.  They will be sharing ways to refresh and revitalise when feeling weary.