Thy Kingdom Come – My Spirit in You

How has your week been going?  Have you managed to use the prayer texts we’re been sending out and make some time to pray?

This morning I was struck by Ezekiel 36.26.  God promises to Isreal that he will put a new heart in his people and fill them with his spirit.  As I read I remembered he has already done that.  Our identity is changed,  our heart is new, his spirit is with us,  we are his beloved children.

At the same time I realised lots of us live as though this isn’t true,  we spend ages feeling bad or sorry,  we forget that we’re not slaves any more.  How would you live if you really believed God was you almighty all loving Father?  I’m longing for more of his Holy Spirit to be in me and for him to remind me of my true identity.

This weekend Kairos MSC leaders and team will be gathering for our Community of Practice.  I’m looking forward to this time and expecting God to do some good things.  If you are not coming please do be praying for your MSC leaders,  that God would speak to them over the next 24 hours.

Finally don’t forget to come to The Up on Sunday!
We are ending our week of prayer with worship and prayer at the Resource Base from 7pm.  I am fully expecting that God will use this time to answer some of our “fill us” prayers.  Its going to be a good time – even if you don’t normally come out on a Sunday evening you really don’t want to miss this!

have a great weekend,  see you at The Up!  Ben.