Thy Kingdom Come

Next week all sorts of different churches will be responding to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York’s call to pray “Thy Kingdom Come.”

The Archbishops are inviting us to pray for confidence and joy in sharing our faith.   Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury explian the idea here:

We want to join in with this wave of prayer!  The Lord has been speaking to us about letting him draw our attention back up to him and this week provides a great opporunity to respond.

As usual there will be prayer at 9am and 12noon at the Kairos resource base Monday – Thursday, open to all.  We will also be praying as individuals and communities during the week.

To help you pray we’ll be sending out a daily text at 12noon.  You could also use these prayer_cards (pdf file, some folding required).   Earlier this week Sarah H recorded a short piano improvisation. She says “I played this one lunchtime then looked outside and could see the trees blowing slightly and made me think of the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit.”  Feel free to download this and use it.

As you pray remember the phrases Mark wrote about last weekWait for Him,  Empty Me,  Fill Us.  May this week be a time that we experience a filling with God’s power as we faithfully wait together.

We will gather at the end of the week on Pentecost Sunday (15/05) for the Up at 7pm.  We anticipate this being a powerful time of encounter with God.  Do join us there!